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Taiwan is a beautiful, culturally rich island off the coast of China. This island has become a popular tourist destination for people from around the world. Traditional Taiwanese culture is evident in the fine arts and folk traditions. Modern mainstream culture has had many influences and is somewhat more varied. There are numerous hotels in Taiwan, some offering great deals. Restaurants in Taiwan offer a gorgeous range of traditional meals to excite your taste buds. Explore the many cities of Taiwan all at the foot of the amazing Jade Mountain. Book your flight to Taiwan today!

Taipei began as a small trading port but has developed into a fully fledged capital city today. A very busy and energetic metropolis, Taipei has many interesting sights. Enjoy the stunning Yangmingshan Flower Festival all around the city of Taipei. Why not pay a visit to the Presidential Building which was built in 1919. The architecture is characteristic of the Japanese era. A fascinating attraction is the Grand Hotel in Taipei, where many foreign dignitaries have stayed. You can have a great meal at any of the Taipei restaurants or do some fabulous shopping in Taipei. This bustling city has much to offer tourists.

Kaohsiung is the Taiwan's second largest city. Beginning as a small village it has grown into a large city with all the facilities and services of your average city. The waterfront of Kaohsiung offers many activities such as ferry trips and tours. Kaohsiung has many natural areas such as Zuoying's Lotus Lake and the Sizihwan Scenic Area. Interested in some Kaohsiung shopping? The Liouho Night Market is the perfect place to bargain for quality goods. There are also a variety of historical sights for tourists to explore. Book a room at a Kaohsiung hotel for your next holiday.

Taichung is a city which boasts an almost perfect climate year round. The population is friendly and you will discover many cultural attractions in Taichung. Visit attractions such as the Taiwan Museum of Art, the Guinness World of Records, the National Museum of Natural Science and the Ocean World Educational Centre. Experience history by visiting the Baujiue Temple, Confucius Temple and the Martyr Shrine. Taichung massage is famous, so why not sit back and relax as you free your senses.


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