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In the east of Taiwan facing toward the Pacific is the "City of Marble" - Hualien. Filled with stunning panoramas of sparkling waterways and flourishing green plains, this is a popular destination with a lovely climate.

Back in 1622 the Spanish individuals came to Hualien to mine for gold. It was only in 1851 that settlements were actually formed here by Han Chinese farmers. During the Sino-Japanese War, which took place from 1894 to 1895, Taiwan was surrendered to Japan. During 1912 Hualien City extended to the villages of Guohua and Guoan. Later in 1923 it expanded further to along to absorb the villages of Guowei and Guoji. Originally named Chilai the Japanese renamed the city Hualien meaning "recurring waves" in reference to the Pacific Ocean.

Many people visit Hualien as it is the closest city to the breathtaking Taroko Gorge. This is a magnificent sight to see however the fantastic city of Hualien should not be overlooked. Due to its rather isolated position, Hualien has not been subjected to extensive development and large industry. It is however well known for its limestone quarries, producing most of the cement in Taiwan. Hualien is famed as Taiwan's marble and jade trading capital.

Marble is seen throughout Hualien from hotel and public building decorations to sidewalk paving. The magnificent Temple of Eastern Purity, made mostly of marble, has been constructed out of gratitude for this natural resource. Many marble goods are for sale in the city and make excellent gifts for those back home.

The oldest section of Hualien is located nearby the Meilun River. Here you can view some Japanese buildings dating back to the colonial era. A pilgramge takes place annually on the 18th of the 2nd lunar month to the Temple of Motherly Love. Ill Taoists come here for its supposed healing qualities.

Experience the culture of the native Ami and Atayal Tribes which live in the areas surrounding Hualien city. The government has organized dance and song performances by the Ami and there is also the popular Ami Cultural Village open for tourist visits.

Domestic flights to Hualien can be made from Taiwan's main cities. Your travel agent will be able to organize your flight to Hualien, alternatively look online for a great deal. From basic hostels to luxury hotels, Hualien has accommodation to suit your requirements and budget. Budget accommodation in Hualien is clean and of a good standard. Hualien's hotels offer excellent service and high-quality facilities.

Taiwan's Hualien is a stunning holiday destination where you can relax, enjoy the beautiful landscape and breathe fresh air with no lack of activities.


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