Travel to Keelung in Taiwan

Keelung, a city of unimaginable beauty

Keelung also called "The Rainy Port" is a city of history and unimaginable beauty. The greatest attraction to the city is definitely its endlessly beautiful landscape just waiting to be explored.

A Taiwanese aborigine tribe, the Ketagalan, was the first residents of Keelung. Keelung became a trading port in 1863. The French commandeered Keelung from October 1884 to July 1885. When Taiwan came under Japanese jurisdiction in 1895, Keelung began to grow. However it eventually ended up as a city of the Taipei Prefecture by 1924.

Keelung has many attractions to keep tourists occupied. Taipei's Keelung Peace Island or Hoping Island is joined to Keelung by a causeway. Originally inhabited by the Kaitaglan tribe, the island is now a declared park. Within the borders of the park you with find the terrain most fascinating as it has been worn into interesting patterns by erosion. View "bean curd rock" and pedestal rock as you listen to the waves slapping the rocks. Keelun Peace Island is a wonderful place to get in touch with nature and reflect on life.

It is difficult not to notice the impressive Goddess of Mercy statue standing tall upon the mountain of Jhongjheng Park. Why not take a leisurely stroll along a footpath through this splendid park or stop in at the Buddhist library. Fantastic views of the city are seen through windows in the huge statue. The 5km Waimu Shan Seashore is breathtaking. You can swim or dive in the sparkling waters or relax on the sunny beach if you prefer. Other natural wonders to investigate in Keelung include Nuandong Gorge, Fairy Cave, Tai-an Waterfall and Badouzih Coastal Park.

Miaokou Night Market in Keelung is renowned for its lively atmosphere and grand food selection. Amble through the alleys and walkways around Dianji Temple as you discover what all there is on offer. From seafood to fruit and delicious snacks, you will find something to fill the gap.

Keelung is a city of magnificent beauty, exciting activities and cultural riches.


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