Travel to Pingtung in Taiwan

Enjoy the pretty town of Pingtung

Capital of Pingtung Country, Pingtung City is usually used as a sort of home base for visitors touring the various attractions in the region. The Pingtun County is the southernmost in Taiwan and can be found east of Kaohsiung and Fengshan. The city is found between the western coast and the mountain range to the east and as a result enjoys hot summers and cool winters. It never snows in Pingtung but some people may still find the city quite chilly in the winter months.

Many of the local people consider Pingtun as more of a suburb than a town, even though it is quite well developed. The main road in the city is Jhongjheng and it is lined with a number of businesses, administrative agencies and financial institutions. At the center of this road you will find 250 royal palms which are protected. Coconut plams have been growing in the city ever since it was first established and over the years have earned Pingtung the nickname of 'Coconut City'. The city itself is fairly pretty and makes for a great place to stay while exploring Pingtung country.

Pingtung enjoys quite a lot of attractions. You will likely spot the beautiful Kaoping Iron Bridge if you arrive by way of Kaohsiung. The bridge is the longest iron bridge in Asia and many consider it to be a work of art. The Chungshan Park was created in 1915 and includes a gymnasium, a lotus pond, a playground, a monkey cage and a number of interesting monuments. Don't forget to see the Chaoyang Gate while you're there. The 2000 Park is one of the main recreation spots in the city and provides sort of soothing sanctum from the concrete jungle around it. The Pingtun Sugar Refinery was once the main landmark in the city. The refinery and pulp mill have seen been closed but the refinery grounds are a great place to explore.

Besides all these numerous attractions, there are also a few with religious significance. The Tzufeng Temple is situated near the railway station in the city center. The temple is also known as the Matsu Temple after it's chief deity and is revered as the rescuer of those in danger at sea. The Tungshan Chan Monastery is an elegant Buddhist monastery with gray walls and black tiles. Not much to look at, it is still actively used for worship and provides a great refuge from the turmoil of modern society. The Confucius Temple was originally built as a school building but was changed to a temple to prevent it from being destroyed during the Japanese period. Intricate and very beautiful, it is well worth visiting.

Pingtung is also home to the Pingtung Rescue Center. The Center serves to create awareness of the plight of endangered animals in the area and engages in animal rescues and the general education of large groups. It is easy to see that Pingtung, though quiet, has a lot to offer and should not be missed!


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