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Just west of Taipei you will find Taoyuan, a Taiwanese city with a population of approximately 300 000 people. The city is still quite young, having been founded only in 1971 and has experienced rapid growth due to its proximity to Taipei. It is predicted that as long as economic development and urbanization continue to change the face of Taiwan, Taoyuan will keep growing at a steady rate. Toayuan is also home to the Chiang-Kai-Shek International Airport which gives it added importance.

Taoyuan is one of the countries industrial and commercial centers. Farmland is relegated to only a few hectares on the city limits while the vast majority of the city is made up of retail stores and production plants. More than half of the city's revenue comes from various service industries while a further 15% comes from manufacturing and 10 % is derived from the sale of clothing and textiles. As a result, Taoyuan is a great place to go shopping. The city features a large number of international department stores, hotels and restaurants so you can expect to shop 'till you drop and then wine and dine in style. For those who enjoy a good bargain when shopping for food, there are a few local markets where you can find fresh fish, fruit and vegetables on sale.

The word 'Taoyuan' means 'peach garden' and was appropriate since the area had many peach blossoms in years gone by. However the face of the city has change quite a lot since then and now you are more likely to find bright lights and city life rather than an enchanting countryside. Even though the local government strives hard to maintain a high standard of environmental services, the surrounding natural habitat continues to face challenges.


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