Transport in Taiwan

Getting around with Taiwan transport

By Plane

Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, EVA Air, Japan Airlines, Japan Asia Airways and Malaysian Airlines are the main airlines that serve both the Kaohsiung International Airport and the Taipei Chiang Kai Shek International Airport, daily.

By Train

The train system in Taiwan is good, but is often crowded. There is a system of express trains that connect the cities, while slower trains systems link the towns. Purchasing tickets is a big pain due to high demand on weekends. During the weekdays trains are empty and tickets can be bought at almost any counter.

By Bus

All the major cities have intercity buses, but the small cities such as, Fengshan and Fengyuan do not. Most intercity buses run every half hour, and seats are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, so go a little earlier to avoid disappointment. City buses run on a simple system. In some areas you pay as you get on, in others, as you get off. If you travel through two areas, you will have to pay as you get on, and again as you get off.

By Car

Taiwan has many car rental companies, they are generally not very expensive in comparison to other countries. A valid driver's license, another type of id, and insurance is required. The Taiwanese drive on the right side of the road.

By Taxi

There are many taxi services in Taiwan. You should however keep an watchful eye on taxis, some of them are registered and other are just there to rip people off. Look at the driver, if he or she is well-dressed or in a uniform, chances are he works for a registered company. Bargaining of taxi fares is a way of life in Taiwan, never except the first price stated to you.

By Motorbike

It is easy to get hold of motorcycles and scooters, there are many companies that hire them out. Most foreigners rent scooters or motorcycles to get around the big island. Licenses are necessary for scooters over 50cc, although many foreigners neglect this rule. The only downside of motorcycles and scooters is that they are unsafe. Because the traffic can be heavy at times, accidents are inevitable and merely a question of time, so wear suitable safety gear such as helmets.

By Bicycle

Taiwan is a world leader in bike manufacturing and high-quality bikes are cheap and plentiful across the island, as are places to get them repaired. Biking is a very good alternative in the cities. In heavy traffic bicycles are faster than most other vehicles, and even in light traffic they are faster than the busses. Although it is recommended to wear a good helmet, for safety reasons, some drivers have no mercy on bike riders.


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