Travel to Yangmingshan in Taiwan

Discover the gorgeuous city of Yangmingshan

Yangmingshan encompasses Yangmingshan National Park and adjacent areas. Situated between Taipei County and Taipei City, Yangmingshan is also known as the home of Ling Yutang (famous author) and abode of several foreign diplomats.

Yangmingshan National Park is renowned for its gorgeous landscape, hot springs, cherry blossoms and the impressive Seven Star Mountain, an extinct volcano. The National Park continues to keep up with the growing numbers of tourists and leisure-seekers, maintaining trails and popular spots. Yangmingshan National Park has a fascinating topography molded by years of volcanic activity.

Yangminshan National Park's rich vegetation has flourished due to warm, acidic soil and the winter monsoon with its extensive rainfall and low temperatures. Such conditions have resulted in a blend of subtropical rainforest, temperate evergreen forests and grassy plains. Approximately 1 359 plant species have been noted in the region both on land and in water habitats. Yangminshan is home to many medium to small animals. Mammals seen in the park include red-bellied squirrels, Formosan rock-monkeys, Formosan hares, Formosan gem-faced civet, Formosan boar and more. Birders will be drawn by Yangmingshan's some 110 bird species. Approximately 47 reptile and 21 amphibian species reside in the confines of the park. May is the best time to see the many butterflies that flutter along the mountain tops.

Within the boarders of Yangmingshan National Park is the Tatun National Park. Mt. Tatun in this park stands some 3 543ft high. The hiking paths are well maintained and offer an opportunity to explore the natural wonders of the area.

In Hutien Valley you will discover Chutzu Lake Vegetable Farm. The moderate climate of the area is perfect for growing summer vegetables. Farmers also cultivate a variety of flowers and potted plants.

Yangmingshan's hot springs are scattered throughout the park. Encircled by yellow sulphur structures or situated in hollow areas the springs are a fascinating sight. Visitors will find the green pasture of Chingteingang a fantastic spot for picnicking and family fun.

Yangmingshan National Park's stunning environment will enchant you. Your stay will leave you feeling invigorated and refreshed.


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