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The clear waters of the Mediterranean sets as the perfect diving destination in Turkey. You can experience the marine life, reefs, and caves as well as explore the shipwrecks of the World War under supervision of a diving company. There are guided diving tours for the experienced as well as for the beginners and they adjust the levels accordingly.

White River Rafting

Turkey is blessed with high mountains and plenty of good rain, that results in a number of rivers offering excellent conditions for white water river rafting. There are guided tours for the skilled and beginners, although the beginners should try and avoid the serious rapids as they can get a little dangerous, especially if you are not trained. River rafting in Turkey will give you the opportunity to explore the most untouched picturesque places together with a notable amount of adventure and excitement.

Sea kayaking

The coast of south-west Turkey is a delight for sea kayakers. Whether you are an experienced mission paddler, a comparative novice, or a total beginner, there is a trip to suit you. Experienced paddlers also have the option of renting kayaks and equipment for an independent trip. Discover steep rugged cliffs, isolated sandy bays, unfathomable clear pools, and mesmerizing islands, not to mention the vast selection of sea life and sea birds. The sea in this area is habitat to turtles, flying fish, dolphins and many other living things, and the shoreline is dotted with deserted castles and cities. In spite of its beauty, this coast is rarely visited outside the tourist resorts. In a sea kayak you can move at your own speed without distressing the environment - the ideal way to explore the natural glory.


Turkey's vast coastline provides ample, strong, consistent winds to give the paragliders a opportunity to spread their wings and enjoy the wonderful, breathtaking views of Turkey from a different angle.


Turkey's turquoise coasts together with sufficient wind is the perfect paradise for windsurfers. The seas in this region is home to many interesting sea life and sea birds, such as turtles, flying fish, dolphins and many other creatures.

Horse Riding

Turkey is blessed with many mountains, walking paths and a huge coastline, perfect for exploring on a horseback riding trip. There are guided tours for the beginners, intermediates and experts. There is truly no better way to discover the beautiful landscapes of Turkey than on the back of a powerful creature.


Turkey has beautiful, varied landscapes. There are a number of different guided tours available in Turkey, depending on the season, your interest and you level of fitness. On a hiking tour you can visit historic sites, interact with the locals, climb the highest peaks, soak up the sun and the fresh air, all while admiring the breathtaking views and landscapes. You can either do an independent trip or hire an experience guide who will explain the environment to you and carry a first aid kit.


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