Travel to Alanya in Turkey

Relax on one of Alanya's sandy beaches

Turkey's Alanya is perfectly situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, lying just below a rocky outcrop. This lovely seaside resort draws an abundance of tourists to its sandy beaches, subtropical climate and Seljuk architecture.

Originally known as Korakesion, Alanya began as a Cilician fortress. During the 2nd century BCE, the pirate chief Diodoros Tryphona built a fortress upon the hill. The fortress was annihilated by Pompey in the battle against pirates. Rome later gained the town and Antony gave it as a gift to Cleopatra. Alanya began flourishing when Seljuk came into power in 1221. Seljuk's Alaeddin Keykubad had a stronghold built on the peninsula turning the town into a naval base.

Alanya's Old Town is sited between the walls of the fortress whilst the modern town has expanded into the northeast in amongst fruit orchards. A road running to the south along the coastline will lead you to Kizil Kule or the Red Tower. This impressive octagonal structure reaches some 46m high and was originally constructed in 1225 to protect the dockyard. This Seljuk dockyard which has been restored consists of five vaulted galleries connected by arched entranceways. Alaeddin Keykubad constructed a fleet of warships to subdue the eastern Mediterranean.

Whilst workmen were mining at the base of Alanya's promontory they came across the Damlatas Cave. Within the cave massive stalagmites have formed. The temperature in Damlatas Cave never varies, staying at 22°C throughout the year. The cave has become popular amongst asthmatics as the air contains a high percentage of carbon dioxide as well as radioactivity. Nearby is Alanya's museum filled with archeological and ethnographic information. A walk up the citadel hill will bring you to the courtyard of the fortress with its magnificent castle mosque. Also located in the courtyard are a Byzantine church and a lighthouse. From here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the region.

Alanya is a vibrant seaside resort with cozy restaurants, cafés and bars. Watch the array of fascinating people as you enjoy a meal at one of the cafés at the harbor. Amble along the coastline where you can stop at numerous boutiques selling leather goods, jewelry, handicrafts and painted gourds. The nightlife in Alanya is somewhat laid-back. Choose from several bars and discos. Visit Alanya in August during the International Folklore Festival when the streets of Alanya filled with color and fun. Alanya's beach is perfect for soaking up the sun and cooling off in the blue waters.

There are several fantastic motels and hotels in Alanya. The wide variety of hotels in Alanya means you will be able to find one to suit your tastes and your pocket. Why not hire a car in Alanya as there are many fascinating places to visit in the surrounding areas. Find out about Alanya's car hire online. Many people have purchased holiday real estate in Alanya. Find out about property for sale in Alanya through online real estate agents.

Alanya is a dream seaside resort filled with good times and unforgettable experiences.


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