Travel to Ayvalik in Turkey

Explore the beautiful town of Ayvalik

A seaside town in northwest Turkey, Ayvalik enjoys a strong maritime history. It was founded on a narrow coastal plain which is surrounded by small hills. The hills are covered with pins and olive trees which give the town a beautiful green backdrop. If you look out at the sea, you will find that Ayvalik is surrounded by a number of small islets and a narrow peninsula called Hakki Bey. This southernmost district of the Balikesir province enjoys the hot summers and rainy winters of a mild Mediterranean climate.

Ayvalik may have been inhabited since prehistoric times but modern day Ayvalik is anything but prehistoric. Today the town serves mainly as a popular holiday resort where hundreds of people flock each holiday season to relax and enjoy the sunny beaches. Ayvalik has two of the longest sandy beaches in Turkey - one of them extending as far as Dikili nearly 30km away! There is also a bridge linking the biggest and most important of the islets, Cunda, with the mainland and this allows for easy access to the islet. Ayvalik is also noted as the hometown of the international music academy for the violin, viola and cello. The students that practice here come from all over the world and add a certain timeless eloquence to the town.

Perhaps the most popular attraction to be found here is not in Ayvalik at all. The beautiful ruins of Pergamon (now Bergama) are situated only a short distance away and date back to antiquity. Then there is the beautiful surrounding hills which not only make for pleasurable country-side walks but also produce a high quality olive oil. Book your Ayvalik hotel now to discover this small Turkish paradise for yourself.


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