Travel to Bodrum in Turkey

Enjoy the vibrant city of Bodrum, Turkey

Bodrum, a town filled with history and Turkey's second best party spot. Originally known as Halikarnossos, Bodrum is located in a bay called Bodrum Limani, just opposite Greece's Kos.

Halikarnossos was originally established in 1200 BCE by Dorian Greeks. The settlement quickly grew into a commercial city due to its great harbor and fertile soil. Persia occupied the city in 540 BCE but later in 479 BCE it passed to the Athenian Empire. Once again the Persians gained Halikarnossos in 413 BC. Hekatomnos of Mylasa began to rule the city after 387 making it the capital city of Caria. Alexander the Great's exploits in Persia resulted in the downfall of the city in 334 BC. The Ottoman Empire commandeered Halikarnossos in 1523.

Today, Turkey's Bodrum is a popular holiday resort with many attractions, a mild climate and natural beauty. Tourists flock to Bodrum to enjoy the stunning beaches and diving sites as well as the fantastic marina. The welcoming city of Bodrum is also renowned for its bright bazaars and vibrant atmosphere.

The main attraction in Bodrum is the Castle of St. Peter or Bodrum Kalesi. Constructed by the Knights of St. John in the 1400s, the castle features tall towers in relatively good condition. Various other buildings were raised within the walls. Make your way to the ancient theater which boasts a grandiose view. Then head for the Doric Colonnade where you will also find the Temple of Ares. Simply strolling around the city of Bodrum, you will discover many interesting ancient sites.

There is plenty in Bodrum to keep you entertained. Water-skiing and windsurfing are a great way to enjoy the sun and sea at the peninsula beaches. Hire a jet ski or bravely try out Parasailing. Horse-riding and river-rafting are also on the cards. Why not find out about the many Jeep-Safaris on offer.

Shopping addicts will love the market days in Bodrum. On Tuesdays the cloth market is open and on Fridays the market sells fruit and vegetables. But that's not all. Traders also sell clothing, jewelry and other items. So brush up on your bargaining skills.

Bodrum's hotels offer fantastic service, comfortable rooms and modern amenities. Find out more about hotels in Bodrum through online reviews. Contact your travel agent to book a flight to Bodrum Airport. You can also find cheap flights to Bodrum online.

Turkey's Bodrum is a fantastic holiday destination providing an eclectic mix of the past and modern city living.


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