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Explore the wonders of the city Bursa

Bursa perfectly sited on Uludağ is well-known as a ski resort. Also renowned for its grand archeological sites, Bursa is a city of wonder.

Cius was the first settlement located here. Macedonia's Philip V presented the town to King Prusias I to thank him for his assistance in the battle against Pergamum. The city was then named Prusa. It grew into and important city on the Silk Route. In 1326 it became the capital of the Ottoman Empire until 1365. Several famous individuals have resided in Bursa including scholars and exiles.

Today, Bursa is a popular holiday destination, one of Turkey's gems. The quaint Old Town set in beautiful surroundings and with a pleasant climate is an absolute delight. Throughout the ages Bursa has be known for its spas and hot springs located in Çekirge. A visit to these Turkish baths is a must. Simply ease away the stresses and strains through massage and cleansing. But before heading to the baths, why not explore the ancient architectural splendors of Bursa.

Ulucami or the Great Friday Mosque is a fine example of Ottoman design. Commissioned by Sultan Bayezid I, the mosque was constructed in the period from 1396 to 1399. You will be awe-struck by the 20 domes held up by 12 columns. On entering the mosque you will be further amazed by the 192 inscriptions by calligraphers on the wall. As the soft light shines upon you, you feel somewhat peaceful.

Muradiye is a cemetery where many Sultans and Princes have been buried in the shadow of ancient plane trees. From here you can visit the lovely Muradiye Mosque dating back to the 15th century. The Archeological Museum located in the Çekirge Park of Culture is enlightening. With four display halls, a library, a laboratory and storerooms, you are certain to gain much from your visit here. The Museum of Atatürk, once the home of the famous man, contains his personal possessions and documentation on his life. Stop by the notable bazaar quarter. Newly restored, it is a pleasure to see the 14 domes of the Bedesten and many caravanserais.

You may be interested in car hire in Bursa to get to the surrounding areas. Check online for fantastic deals on car hire in Bursa. You can also find inexpensive flights to Bursa Airport. The city is a great springboard into the rest of Turkey, so book your flight to Bursa today.

Bursa is a stunning city that will transport you back in time along with all the modern conveniences of course. For a unique holiday experience, visit Bursa.


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