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Turkey is a country which throughout the ages has been at the centre of trade and commerce. As such it has developed a truly remarkable culture. It is a country filled with history and stories from the past. It is best to visit Turkey in spring and fall as the weather is ideal. Turkey is bordered by the beautiful Mediterranean and Aegean seas. A strong sense of tradition is found in the countryside whilst people in the cities have become more westernized. You are certain to find a holiday in Turkey an amazing cultural experience.

Istanbul is cities of sights like you have never seen before. The beauty of the architecture, clearly seen as you look up at the stunning domes, is awe-inspiring. Istanbul has a variety of activities for you to enjoy. Include a visit to a hamam (Turkish bath) in your itinerary. Enjoy these baths whilst receiving a massage with silk cloth from the hamam staff. The Great Bazaar contains many shops sheltered by domes and roofs. It covers about 31 000 meters squared and has 61 streets over 3000 shops, 10 wells and 2 mosques. Istanbul has many more landmarks, houses of worship and museums which tourists can visit. Entertainment in the form of fairs, concerts, festivals, opera and music is available. Istanbul is a city that will take you back in time whilst catering for all your modern needs.

Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is situated upon a hill with the ruins of a castle at the summit. Many remains of Byzantine, Roman and Greek architecture can be seen despite the town's poor construction. The Mausoleum of Kemal Ataturk, built in 1953, combines both ancient and modern architecture. Writings and items belonging to Kemal Ataturk are located in a museum as well as photographs documenting his life. A temple dedicated to Emperor Augustus and completed in the 2nd century BCE, is an important historical building because of the "Monument Ancyranum" or testament of August written on its walls. Other attractions include the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, the Ethnographical Museum, the Ankara Citadel, the roman bath, the Column of Julian and Haci Bayram Mosque. Ankara though very westernized is a great place for tourists to get to know Turkey.

Izmir is the third largest city in Turkey. This is a city with a dramatic history. We recommend going on a guided tour through the city so as to learn about its past. Sights you will see in Izmir include the Roman Agora (a market place), the archeological museum (with roman statues, mosaics and so on), Mount Pagos (called Kadifekale) today. There are many other fascinating things to do and see in Izmir, so stop and stay for a while.


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