Travel to Fethiye in Turkey

Explore the medieval town of Fethiye

Turkey's Fethiye located on the Lycian coast is a holiday resort with a fascinating historical heritage. Originally named Megri the town was later renamed Fethiye after Turkey became a republic. In 1856 the area was struck by an earthquake causing great damage to the city. Following another earthquake in 1957 large portions of the city had to be rebuilt. Due to this the city is rather modernized and features a lovely shoreline promenade and bustling bazaar.

Interestingly, Fethiye is located on the previous site of Telmessos an ancient Lycian city well-known for its soothsayers. However, because of the two major earthquakes, little evidence remains of this ancient settlement. As you enter the bay you are met by the magnificent tomb of Amyntas from the 4th century BCE. The tomb's fa├žade was constructed as an Ionic temple.

Scattered throughout Fethiye are numerous Lycian sarcophagi with epitaphs engraved upon them. Walls dating back to the 11th century and Roman times can be seen by the fortress. Rhodesian Knights restored the fortress for use as a naval base in the 15th century. If you make your way to the town centre you will discover the Telmessos Ancient Theater, a Roman theater constructed in the 2nd century. Fethiye's Archaeological Museum is located in the Town Hall and exhibits relics from several eras. Pinara, just southeast of Fethiye, features a Lycian necropolis along with over 900 tombs in the rock and a massive house of tombs called the Royal Tomb.

Fethiye has much on offer when taking a break from your exploration into the past. There are many lovely shops selling fantastic souvenirs. Enjoy a quiet meal at one of the many cozy restaurants. Why not hop aboard for the 12 islands boat tour. It is a great way to view the coastline from a different perspective and enjoy the sun as you stop at some of the isolated beaches. Oludeniz, a little way away from Fethiye is a very popular beach with soft sand and blue waters. The nightlife in Fethiye is pretty quiet with just a few clubs open until very late.

There is a great selection of accommodation in Fethiye. Whether you are interested in a Bed and Breakfast or a luxury hotel, Fethiye has it all. Fethiye's hotels are known for their fine service and friendly atmosphere. Some people have enjoyed their stay so much that they have purchased real estate in Fethiye. If you are interested in property in Fethiye, check what is on offer online.

Turkey's Fethiye is filled with enchanting sights and good times. Fethiye is a holiday destination that will leave you wanting more.


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