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Explore the wonders of Istanbul in Turkey

Istanbul is an incredibly old city that has both beauty and poise. It is the largest city in Turkey and is sometimes thought of as the most important. In times gone by, it was widely known under the Greek name of Constantinople. Situated partly in Europe and partly in Asia, it is generally considered to be a European city.

Though Istanbul was founded by Greeks and named Byzantium, it became famous as the Roman Empires eastern capital in AD 324 when it was renamed after Emperor Constantine. When the Roman Empire fell, Constantinople became the only capital of the Byzantine Empire. Some time later, Constantinople fell to the Turks and became part of the Ottoman Empire, soon becoming its capital. The city was eventually renamed Istanbul in 1930. As a result of its history, modern-day Istanbul has historical elements of Greek, Roman and Turkish culture which is reflected in its art, architecture and delightful people.

Situated on the Bosphorus strait and encompassing the Golden Horn natural harbor, Istanbul was once a cultural and ethnic center for peoples in the surroundings areas. It was here that these different cultures merged and mingled and formed the wonderfully diverse culture that still lingers in the air today. It has an amazing array of mosques, churches, synagogues and palaces which are both beautiful and incredibly old. Visiting these sights prove to be delightful in the eyes of even the most experienced travelers.

One might also venture to the markets and neighborhoods in Istanbul where you will be able to find great deals, a variety of local arts and crafts, as well as a few good quality restaurants offering tasty local cuisine. There are quite a few to choose from so you should by no means be stuck for choice.

Whether you are planning a trip during the rain and snow of winter or the humidity and sunshine of summer, you can be sure that your trip to Istanbul will be a success. The wonderful sense of history that hangs in the air will likely leave an indelible impression on your mind for years after your visit. Truly, Istanbul is a city of beauty.


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