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Explore the Archeological Sites in Side

Turkey's Side (pronunciation: see day) is located on a small peninsula projecting out into the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean. A town with a rich historical heritage, Side has an abundance of archeological sites for tourists to explore.

Side was already settled in 1000 BCE. Greece founded a colony on the peninsula during the 6th century BCE and constructed a port. Side developed into a meeting place for pirates and an African slave market. Whilst the Romans were ruling Side grew into a commercial hub with a major merchant fleet.

Despite its popularity amongst tourists, Side has maintained its charm and original feel. Of course the historical sites contribute to the town's feeling of timelessness. On the east side of the headland runs the ancient Byzantine walls leading to the Great Gate. An aqueduct leads to a nymphaem just outside the gate. A Roman street will guide you to the agora encircled by grand colonnades. Some 30m northwards you will discover two Roman houses decorated with lovely mosaics. To the southwest proudly stands Pamphylia's most impressive Theatre. Imagine some 15 000 spectators sitting in the Theatre many moons ago.

Within the eye-catching Agora Baths is a museum displaying sarcophagi, statues, urns and reliefs uncovered during excavations from 1946 to 1967. Turning southwest you are met by a magnificent arch dedicated to Emperor Vespasian as well as several striking fountains. On the western point of the peninsula are two fascinating temples devoted to the worship of Apollo and Athena. These are just a few highlights of the many fantastic archaeological attractions in Side. The ruins are lit up at night, so why not go exploring when the moon rises.

Side is not only ruins and history; it is rather a fascinating mix of old and new. As you make your way down the bustling streets stop at some of the interesting souvenir shops. You will be able to purchase jewelry, leather items, carpets and more. At the beaches you can simply lie back and relax or you can try some water sports if you are feeling more active. In the town there is also a great selection of bars and restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine.

There is an assortment of accommodation in Side from apartments to Hotels. Check online reviews for hotels in Side before deciding where to stay, there are some really magnificent hotels.

Turkey's Side is a holiday destination that will catch you unawares and leave you wanting more.


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