Transport in Turkey

Discover your transport options in Turkey

It is fairly easy to travel in Turkey. Transport shouldn't be a problem, although you should book your transport on major holidays as it can become a little crowded.

By Plane

The Turkish Airlines has flights among major cities which are convenient for longer distances, they are very frequent and the schedules are reliable. The airlines are relatively inexpensive.

By Train

Most trains in Turkey are old and relatively slow, but they are still useful and quite cheap. Even the fastest train services take twice as long as the buses, but they do offer more seating-room for less money. Most trains have trips between Ankara and Istanbul, their schedules are reliable and the trains are usually not too crowded.

By Bus

Most Turks travel by bus, there are thousands of modern luxurious buses that roar between Turkish cities and towns daily. Departures are frequent, and you don't need advance reservations on most routes. There are an awful lot of buses in Turkey, and it is the most economical way to travel in Turkey. Once you reach your desired destination it's just a question of getting on a smaller bus until you've made it to wherever you wanted to be.

By Ferry

Local ferries are wonderful, especially in Istanbul and Izmir. The Sea of Marmara ferry services run between Istanbul on the north shore and Yalova and Bandirma on the south shore, and across the Dardanelles. Many people use the Greek Island ferry services between Greece's Aegean islands and the Turkish mainland.

By Car

There are many car rental companies available in Turkey, they are affordable and easy accessible. But driving a car in Turkey is not for the faint hearted, you have to have a huge reserve of patience and you'll have to be courteous.

By Dolmus

A Dolmus is a very interesting way to travel, they are very cheap and vibrant. All you have to do when you want a ride is to stick your hand out and wave, and they will stop and squeeze you in if it is in any way possible. They always have their destination written on the front and fares are posted, usually above the drivers head. They are very affective and fast to get from point A to point B, the only drawback is they are sometimes a little crowded, and it is a tricky business to get in with lots of luggage.


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