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It would be rare to find a person in the world who did not know of the United States of America by some or another name. As one of the largest countries in the world in terms of both population and land size, the United States has carved a name for itself in various spheres of life all over the world. The United States covers a land area of some 3.7 millions square mils and is inhabited by nearly 300 million people. Its borders are shared with Canada, Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Thus, the country occupied the majority of the North American continent.

Despite it’s mega-image of power, economy and politics, the United States has had a somewhat more turbulent past. When 16th-century European settlers arrived to establish new colonies, they discovered that the country was already inhabited by a number of indigenous tribes. This had been the case for at leas the past 15 000 years and these people weren’t about to give up their country without a fight. Eventually, after much warfare and bloodshed, agreements were met and peace ensued – but not for long. By the mid-1700s the people of America started an epic battle against governance by Britain. The battle was soon won by thirteen of these colonies and Britain accepted that the America’s were now a new nation free of their control. It was around this time that the country adopted the new name of ‘The United States of America’. Only a few years later on 1 March 1781, the country adopted it’s Articles of Confederation. This was replaced with the Constitution on 17 September 1787. These political documents have laid much of the groundwork for the country’s existing political system.

Today the country enjoys an image of immense size, wealth and freedom. It is these ideals, which has drawn many to the shores of the country with hope for a better life. In turn, this has aided the growth of the country beyond normal growth levels. The capital of the United States is Washington DC and there are several other cities which have catapulted into the limelight over the years such as New York City, Chicago, Miami and Las Vegas. The country has thousands of great attractions and makes for a great travel destination. Why not make the United States of America your next holiday destination? You will certainly find it a holiday to remember!


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