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The largest city in the state of Illinois, Chicago can be found on the southwestern shore of Lake Michigan. Originally founded as a frontier town, this town has come a long, long way from its humble beginnings. Many view Chicago as the financial and cultural capital of the Midwest. Admittedly, this does not make it a peak tourist attraction but no tour of the United States would quite be complete without a trip to Chicago.

The Chicago skyline has become one of the cities most notable symbols. Travellers may also speak of its cuisine and sports teams. If you're planning a tour of the city, it is usually best to start with a bird's eye view of this substantial city. The view from the Sears Tower Skydeck ought to do the trick. After that brief dose of vertigo, you might try getting to grasps with the city's history with a quick and fun trip to the Amazing Chicago Funhouse Maze. Whilst at the pier, you might consider a boat ride on the Lake to take some time out and appreciate the city from a completely different angle.

When you get your feet back on terra firma, there is plenty more to see and do. Remember, Chicago is a city of culture. There are fine art galleries, museums and zoos to see for a start. There is also an aquarium and a planetarium. Shopping is great and there are plenty of cheap hotels in Chicago. For those who enjoy luxury, there are also a number of five star hotels in Chicago. It is also a good idea to see if there are any special events occurring in Chicago during the time period you plan to visit. Chicago often hosts a number of annual festivals and events that can add to your experience. At the end of a long day, a great meal at a Chicago restaurant is never a bad idea.

So why not start booking your Chicago hotel now? Or better yet, contact your nearest travel agent and start planning your travel itinerary. There is so much to see in Chicago that you might want to get a few days head start!


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