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The United States of America is an eclectic mix of cultures, a nation mostly made up of immigrants which settled here many years ago. As such, USA cuisine has had a wide variety of influences. American cuisine actually varies from region to region. Throughout the years chefs in the USA have experimented with a variety of flavors introducing creative dishes into the United State's cuisine. Whilst travelling through the United States be sure to try the different cooking styles.

Typical dishes which feature in USA cuisine throughout the country include fried chicken, stuffed turkey, roast beef, baked potato, grilled steak, corn on the cob, clam chowder, hotdogs, hamburgers, hot wings and apple pie. American's usually eat out at restaurants and fast food outlets and eat home-cooked meals less frequently. Regional cuisine in the USA has been influenced by those colonists who came to reside there as well as by ingredients available in the area.

In the south-east states of the USA visitors will come across what is referred to as Southern cuisine and Soul food. This farm-style cooking features deep fried food, sauces and toothsome desserts. Very popular is southern-fried chicken typically drowned in home-style gravy. Barbeques are also common. Pork ribs with spicy marinade are a favorite and are served with corn bread and black-eyed peas. To round the meal off sumptuous desserts such as sweet potato pie, pecan pie and peach cobbler is served. The African American adaptation of Southern cuisine is called Soul food.

New England cuisine features in the north-east of the United States. Food in this region is characterized by hearty British dishes and seafood from the local waters. Here is where visitors can sample dilicious dishes such as Boston baked beans, New England clam chowder, Yankee pot roast, Maine lobster and Brunswick stew. Seafood meals in the New England states are not to be missed.

Southwestern cuisine of the USA is an interesting mix of flavors influenced both by Native Americans and Spanish colonists. There are a wide range of dishes in Southwestern style cooking many of which enjoy a healthy dash of Mexican spice. Tex-mex food is a puts a slight spin on Southwestern meals and is known for its chili and barbeque. Typically known as cowboy food, Tex-mex is popular with Texans and those living beside the Mexican border.

New Orleans in the south of the United states is renowned for its unique, strongly European cuisine. Smaple some of the best of USA's cuisine with delicious Cajun and Creole dishes. Visitors should try dishes such as spiced blackened fish and steak as well as gumbo or jambalaya. This cuisine is known for its spicy dishes with a generous helping of chili, but many dishes can be enjoyed by those who cannot handle very spiced food.

California cuisine is considered bery healthy and makes use of ingredients such as fresh vegetables, seafood and fruit. Delightful dishes are created with these fresh ingredients which are carefully spiced. In fact, Californian food is very avant-garde and combines a number of elements from various international dishes.

USA cuisine is a wonderful mix of mouth-watering flavors with influences from around the world. Why not make a point of trying as many different types of American cuisine as possible whilst visiting this extensive country.


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