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Dovendyr reddes [02:40]
Peru 2010. Dovendyr reddes efter skudsår
From: Peru


Amazing Race - Concurso - Reto 5 - (PERU - LIMA) [04:26]
TuDiscovery - Amazing Race (Reto) - Paseo por la Basílica Catedral de Lima
From: Peru


Trujillo Tour by TripAdvisor TripWow [02:43]
tripwow.tripadvisor.com - Tour of Trujillo, Peru created at tripwow.tripadvisor.com by TravelPod TripAdvisor™ TripWow Slideshow of Trujillo by TravelPod. Title: Slideshow Of Trujillo Cities visited on this trip: - Trujillo, Peru Photos in this video: "Nutria, pelicanos y mar en la iconografia chimu" from a blog entry titled "CHAN-CHAN la ciudad sagrada y la Huaca de la Luna" by TravelPod member borjul "Ad hoc dancing Hacienda Posada Sol de Paijan" from a blog entry titled "Trujillo" by TravelPod member wwatling "H. How cool is this 1000yr-ish sandcastle?" from a blog entry titled "Giant sandcastle city" by TravelPod member neilandamy "Beautiful painted wall in Huaca de la Luna" from a blog entry titled "Mooching with the Moches!" by TravelPod member theblakes "Yours truly learning how to hold the reins" from a blog entry titled "a smooth ride" by TravelPod member shesoffagain "Vista aerea de las excavaciones en tucume" from a blog entry titled "CHAN-CHAN la ciudad sagrada y la Huaca de la Luna" by TravelPod member borjul "Catedral en la Plaza de Armas de Trujillo" from a blog entry titled "CHAN-CHAN la ciudad sagrada y la Huaca de la Luna" by TravelPod member borjul "Tiny ceramic tiles for 2 km to make mural" from a blog entry titled "Another new friend, Walter" by TravelPod member jennykelly "Peruvian Dog- ties to the Chimu people" from a blog entry titled "Chan Chan Ruins near Trujillo, Peru" by TravelPod member allisonakemi "Bert and Colleen Elliot with Flemings" from ...
From: Peru


Kotosh - Haunuco, Peru [01:15]
The echo chamber. 360 echo effect.
From: Peru

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